About us

Hello Friends

My name is Om Kashyap, I am the owner of talktoom.com blog, in this blog you will get to read a lot of information like education , News, Money Making Tricks and many more knowledge you will get on this blog if  talk about her education  Delhi University I am doing B.Tech computer science course and this course of mine will end by 2024.

Our Purpose

This is the purpose of starting https://talktoom.com/ blog, so that all of you can decorate education knowlege and new news.

https://talktoom.com/ It was started on 27th February, the plan to start this blog was very early, but due to some problems, this blog could be started late. If you want to ask any question to talktoom.com Feel free to contact us page otherwise you can go to the social page below.

You can get as much as talkatum.com Everything will be given correct information Thank you for reading talktoom.com 🙏🙏